Discover what your world thinks!

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Ask anything, any way

With Statisfy you can ask the questions you want, the way you want. Choose from yes/no to multiple-choice to open-ended question types.

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See how you compare

See how your answers stack up with our real-time, easy-to-read charts that turn your answers into statistics to be compared and shared.

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Target your questions

Use Statisfy to target specific questions to specific people. Finally, a way for you to get the answers you want from the people that matter most.

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Create Communities

Our “Communities” function allows you to pick which of your questions are seen by whom. Join a public community to get to know people with similar interests or make your own closed community, a password-protected community that can be accessed by only those you invite.

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Artistic and visual expression

Bring your questions to life with images and visuals that take your content to the next level.

With STATISFY you’ll start getting answers as soon as you ask your question. No more waiting for results.


Finally, a way to find out what other people actually think about stuff!