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Springpad for iPhone, iPad and Android

Download the Springpad app for your favorite smartphone or tablet. With Springpad mobile you can save travel information, find nearby restaurants, scan favorite products, record voice notes, and keep track of grocery lists. It’s everything you love about Springpad, anywhere you go.

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The Spring It! Web Clipper

Saving from anywhere on the web is delightfully simple with our “Spring It!” web clipper. With the clipper, you can save information to your Springpad notebooks without having to leave the webpage you’re on. Save recipes from Epicurious, articles from Mashable, products from Amazon or videos from YouTube, all from your browser’s bookmarks bar.

To install the Web Clipper, simply drag this “Spring It!” button directly into the bookmarks bar on your browser window.

Spring It!

← Drag this button into your bookmarks bar

When browsing the web, simply click the “Spring It!” button in your browser’s bookmarks bar to save a page or image directly to your Springpad notebooks. Learn more about clipping from the web here: How to Clip Things to Springpad From Any Website.

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